Think of your ideal wedding day — you and that special person will finally become one, but what would it take to make the day even more special? Nobody knows what you want like you do, but we have an idea: how about something fun and memorable?

Cruising With You can make your Wedding, A Day To Remember! 

The location is up you — your ideal wedding spot just may be aboard a A Stae of the Art Cruise Ship, or perhaps a scenic island destination. Imagine wedding photos with a blue sea-sky background or white-sand beach behind you… and a gentle sea breeze in your hair, of course. Whichever you prefer, you’ll have a wedding unlike any back home, not to mention one that’s hassle-free. A Wedding at Sea will leave you feeling On Top Of The World.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a wedding cruise right for you?

Getting married on a cruise ship is a wonderful idea for many. But it’s not for everyone. Weddings on a cruise ship have to be simple and short affairs. More than likely, you’ll have 2-3 hours to get married and celebrate in front of your guests. Also, not everyone will come to a cruise ship wedding, especially if you don’t plan well in advance. Despite the above two caveats, a wedding cruise will be the most unique party you may have in your entire life. Cruising as newlyweds while your family and friends enjoy a vacation of there is an experience many cherish. In fact, many couples that have wedding cruises end up celebrating their anniversaries aboard cruise ships.

Do I have to plan it myself?

If you are having the wedding on a cruise ship (At the departure port or at sea), you will want to use the wedding planners offered by the cruise lines. Not only do they know the ship, they also have the experience of having planned a wedding cruise. A cruise line wedding planner will present wedding packages based on the time of year, the length of cruise, and the size of your wedding party. The packages generally include the ceremony, banquet, flowers, photographers, cake, and some entertainment
Before you go planning a wedding cruise, you should know that your choices on colors, flowers, cake decorations etc will be limited. Not everything you want will be available. You should be ready to accept that things will not be the same as a land based wedding. In exchange, you won’t have to try out dozens of caterers, visit banquet halls, or decide between several photographers.

What is your budget?

When setting your budget, you need to set aside enough funds to cover the cost of the cruise and the cost of the wedding package. The cost of the cruise will depend on destination, length, and the type of stateroom you select. Additional cruise costs will include any alcoholic drinks, on board shopping, spas, and excursions you may select. The wedding package cost will depend on the number of guests attending, the flowers, the videographers, and any additional items.
Other costs that you have to factor in are airfare costs, transportation charges, hotel rooms pre and post cruise, gas, and additional food expenses.
FYI- The average cruise wedding costs about $7000 versus a land based one that costs a little less than $20,000.

How much does it cost?

Cruise weddings can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. We have put together Wedding package sample pricing on Carnival And Princess cruises just to give you a idea on cost. We are not limited to just 2 Cruise lines. Let us know what you have in mind and we can make it happen.

Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival Cruises
Carnival offers four wedding packages with rates based on the port that you are getting married at.

The four packages are

1. Just for the bride and groom

2. Welcome aboard package

3. Deluxe Romance Package

4. Ceremony and Welcome Luncheon

Just for the Bride and Groom
Designed for small wedding parties (Total of eight people including the bride and groom), this package includes the Ceremony, officiant, two tiered cake, champagne toast, a selection of vows, bridal bouquet, boutonniere, and photographer. Bride and groom also get etched champagne flutes, and Wine and chocolates in their staterooms. Prices start at $1195.00

Welcome Aboard Package
This package is designed for up to 20 guests, and includes everything in the package above. In addition, there is a one hour open bar with hot and cold hor d’oeuvres. Prices start at $1695.00

Deluxe Romance Package
This package is the same as the welcome aboard package with the difference being a one and a half hour open bar and ice carving. Prices start at $1795.00

Ceremony and Luncheon
Designed for eight guests, this package offers all of the above plus lunch. For every additional person, the cost is $34.50. Packages start at $1495.00

Tie The Knot With Princess is their slogan for wedding packages. Offering several packages for your wedding, this is one of a very select number of cruise lines that can offer a wedding at sea. Wedding cruises are very popular so make sure you book early to secure your dates and times.

Princess cruises offer the above as a basic package that can be upgraded in many ways. You can change the mix of flowers, the size of the cake, and even add ice sculptures to your wedding. They also offer several lunch packages (starting at $21/person) for your wedding reception. Catering can be customized with hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, fruit and cheese platters, and even prime rib.

Captain can officiate your wedding. Packages start at around $2,000 and include:

1. Getting married in ship’s chapel
2. Floral arrangements, including roses
3. Boutonniere
4. Videographer/ Photographer
5. Cake
6. Ship captain performs wedding
7. An onboard wedding coordinator
8. Pre recorded music
9. Host of options on board and on shore


Weddings cannot be performed at sea. All wedding packages are for weddings at departure port or at the destination. Carnival does provide help in getting a marriage license.

Please note that they do not let you bring any flowers, balloons, confetti etc. on board. They also do not allow cake servers or knives. You can however, provide up to three songs for your wedding. Up to 50 non sailing guests can attend your wedding

(All the above packages can be customized with upgrades.)

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